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    Kareen Mills

    Modern Day Money Coach

    Business Consultant

    Who am I?

    I help you make peace with your money through financial literacy inside my global platform

    I'm what they call self-made. No one is truly self-made but I'll take it. I was Made in the Philippines; born and raised. Came to America with broken English at 21.

    Money is my jam!

    Math was favorite subject in school.

    Multiplication is the most powerful mathematical equation amongst all 4 so I founded MULTIPLY.


    • Extensive Banking & Finance
    • 12 Years Insurance & Financial Services
    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
    • Airbnb Investor & Superhost
    • Real Estate Investor
    • Swing Trader
    • Thought Leader
    • Podcaster
    • Speaker
    • Mom of 2 boys & Wife
    • Woman of Faith
    • I host the Biggest Annual Friendsgiving Event in the World since 2017
    • A product of the 2008 market crash